Bootfitting is an art that involves recommending the ski boot that is best suited to each skier's foot shape, and bootfitters are past masters at the job.

For more than 50 years, Lange has worked alongside the greatest boot specialists from both the competitive and mainstream sectors to mastermind leading-edge solutions tailored to each skier and each foot shape. Irrespective of the skier’s style and foot shape, Lange offers an end-to-end range of ski boots delivering an anatomical fit to guarantee superior comfort and performance. The result is Ultimate Control.

At Lange, we believe that bootfitters are not just essential to improve our products but they are also key players in delivering the best service to Lange passionate skiers.


Every year, we organize in Montebelluna, Lange skiboot hometown, the Lange Bootfitting University; an event where selected dealers from all over the world can meet to share bootfitting practices and skiing insights. Each of these partners is identified with the Lange Bootfitting University certified bootfitter logo. Please refer to the store finder to check the one closer to your hometown and enjoy Lange’s superior experience.


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