Time to make ski boots. Back to the factory


Just think about it. Aside from your poles, your ski boot is the only piece of equipment that touches and interacts with your body. With so many movements and variables, skiing is an inherently complex sport. And as the critical link between you and your skis, it makes sense that your boots go through an intensive engineering and development process.    

So, while you’ve been enjoying the “off-season”, exploring mountain trails and staying near the water to escape the summer heat, we’ve been busy – rethinking and reimagining the tools you need to Be One with your boots this winter.   


Following Lange’s invention of the world’s first plastic ski boot, it was in the small town of Montebelluna, Italy that the plastic injection process was pioneered and perfected, setting the stage for modern ski boot design.



At Lange’s Design Lab in Montebelluna, our persistent study of foot mechanics in relation to skiing continues to deepen our understanding of how the skiing foot functions. Collaboration with elite-level athletes in every facet of the sport, 3D scans of tens of thousands of feet; our commitment to developing the tools and solutions that support every skier perform at their best continues 12 months of the year.


Today, 70-plus years of history, intricate handcraftsmanship, and boot-building expertise combine with modern technology and innovation with the goal of creating the future of ski boot design. It’s a blend of past and present. A fusion of art and science.

For some processes, like shaping the intricate thicknesses of a boot shell wall, there is just no substitute for the decades of exquisite craftsmanship, artistry, and attention-to-detail inherent to Montebelluna. However, when it comes to 3D scanning and Dual Core injection plastics, the role of science takes center stage in pushing the sport forward. 

From conception to production, a dedicated team of 30 craftsman spends over 24 months to develop each new Lange ski boot. It’s an exhaustive process of design, create, test, and repeat until perfect.

Your boots took an actual total of 2 hours in production and was touched by more than 30 technicians, before they were ready to be carefully packaged in a Lange “Be One with your Boots” box.


Beginning as just small plastic pellets, the boot shell begins taking its shape while undergoing extreme pressure inside of a model-specific mold. To ensure the highest levels of performance, only the finest proprietary mixtures of real deal plastics are used to create each Lange boot.

Even more painstaking is the attention-to-detail and craftsmanship behind our Dual 3D liners. Made of over 60individual parts, each liner is 100% hand-stitched to ensure the perfect balance of comfort and foot hold specific to each model. A detailed hands-on process that simply cannot be replicated by machine.

Once the boot shell meets the liner on the assembly line, your boots still have stop after stop, station after station of machines and hands-on processes before they arrive ready to be boxed. Graphics are applied, buckles and canting are installed, every detail painstakingly thought out and crafted to provide the appropriate fit and performance solutions for every skier.  


Solutions that address those hard-to-fit areas. Solutions that provide comfort without sacrificing performance. Solutions that allow you to Be One with your boots.




Lange was born of racing. But our DNA is that of a boot-building specialist committed to developing innovative excellence from racing to freeride to all-mountain comfort. We understand more than anyone that while performance is nothing without fit; fit is nothing without performance. This is the driving force of Lange. The essential element to Be One with your boots.     

Inside each Lange boot box you’ll find the mix of art and science that Lange lives passionately every day in order to bring you performance and fit solutions to be the best you can be this winter.

As you return from your summer break and shift your attention to winter, we are proud to introduce two all-new solution in terms of fit and performance:

Built for the top of the podium, the new RS collection is the pinnacle of racing performance. Revolutionary design meets our innovative Dual Core shell technology to supply an unparalleled level of precision and response. With superior flex control and an exact fit, the new RS truly becomes a natural extension of your body for total control through every turn. Be One with your boots.     


NEW RS 130


The all-new LX collection combines Lange’s legendary precision with a relaxed and luxurious 102mm all-mountain fit. Expanding on our “Choose Your Fit” concept, LX offers reduced foot compression for optimized all-day comfort no matter your foot shape. Combined with our Dual Core shell technology for enhanced energy, liveliness, and snow-feel, LX retains the essential high-performance DNA to Be One with your boots.    

All mountain

NEW LX 130