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Welcome To the Lange Elite Racer Community

Welcome to the Lange elite racer community. You are here because you have a pair of the real World Cup Z boots.  

The Lange WC Z boot you have chosen to help you reach your racing goals is the same boots the pinnacle World Cup racers use to fight for World Cup, Olympic and World Championships podiums. Lange’s unique progressive flex, power and rebound are 2nd to none in the racing realm. Lange’s reputation was built on racing and has dominated racing since the 1st held World Cup in 1971. That racing heritage has continued ever since and drives us to be the best ski boot in ski racing. Today you join that history and join the community of racing champions like Noel Clement, Federica Brignone and Thomas Dressen. These racers continue to push ski racing to new levels and help develop the product you have today. Welcome to our philosophy of Being One with your boots, so you can be one with your racing goals.


Since the brand’s creation back in 1948, every morning at LANGE, we wake up inspired with the aim of developing unique products reinforced by our traditional expertise and continuously renewed innovative strength.
Like the champions we’ve accompanied to the summits of success, this perpetual quest for progress is written in our DNA. From Nancy Greene to Hermann Maier, from Alberto Tombato Jean-Frédéric Chapuis, whether past, present or future, a real culture of excellence has been forged through our special relationship with the racing world.

To find the perfect balance between comfort and performance that makes every skier that much better.
To develop a boot that transforms every experience on snow into an unforgettable moment.
Through its research into the perfect fit and performance, LANGE shares, supports and boosts the determination and discipline that drives each skier. Because each foot, like each passion, is unique.
To become one with your boot. To become one with your goal. In the past, present and future, Lange’s history has been and will continue to be intrinsically linked to racing and committed sport.


Commited & Passionate


Constant collaboration with the best bootfittersin the racing and retail worlds, along with 3D scans of more than 40,000 individual feet have led to a deep understanding of how the skiing foot functions.


We develop state-of-the-art solutions to address those hardto- fit areas; solutions that provide comfort without sacrificing performance. We then tirelessly handcraft, test, and repeat to deliver the ultimate blend of comfort and performance for every foot shape.


Since the beginning our passion for foot mechanics, recognition of its subtleties in relation to skiing, and desire to help skiers perform better has resulted in some of the most important innovations in ski boot design.


Our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship while introducing revolutionary technology and unparalleled fit allow you to feel like your ski boot is a natural extension of your body.

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