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Be one with your goal Going Wall-to-Wall at Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole. Set against the jagged, iconic peaks of the Teton Mountain Range, this legendary town instantly conjures images in the minds of skiers around the world. It’s a mountain that intimidates as much as inspires. A land of cowboys and home-town heroes.

Dishwashers who ski 150 days a year and iconic athletes that have made their names pushing the limits of the sport. It’s a playground that tests the nerves and skills of anyone who visits. A resort littered with “bucket-list” lines and access to unforgiving backcountry terrain. If you think you’re good; you probably haven’t been to Jackson.

The mountain wakes with the sounds of backing Snowcats

The sun has just begun to peek out from behind the mountains. Dawn shifts dark blue as white ribbons begin to stretch across the morning sky. The resort wakes with the sounds of backing Snowcats as chairlift bullwheels begin to spin. The bombing of avalanche control routes make a deafening clap that echo off of the rock and crisp morning air. You stand amongst the small band of early risers in the early morning light, watching your breath, taking stock of your surroundings. Waiting impatiently for the day to begin.

Going wall-to-wall at Jackson Hole is a true test in-and-of itself. With over 4000 feet of vertical spread across 2500 acres of some of the most demanding skiable in-bounds terrain in North America, it will take every ounce of attention and stamina to reach your goal by the time the lifts stop spinning.

make your way to the famous entrance of Corbet’s Couloir

Rendez vous Mountain. You begin at the top. Traveling over 4000ft in just under 12 minutes, you take the “Big Red Box” up to the sprawling vista at 10,450 feet.

The staggering 360⁰ view from Cody Peak and Central Couloir to the mighty Grand Teton lends a quick distraction as you push off past the smell of waffles at 10,000ft, past the wind-buffed powder turns waiting in Rendezvous Bowl, and make your way to the iconic entrance of Corbet’s Couloir.

This mountain tests every ounce of your skill and stamina. From famous powder-choked chutes and wide, high-speed groomers to high-alpine exposure as you kick-in a fresh bootpack up toward the Headwalls.

A mountain where power, precision, and versatility are just as mandatory as the air into Corbet’s. So after threading your way through the shooting gallery at the top – you push-off and drop in. Punching forward, balanced in the air, you set the landing gear and embrace for gentle impact. Leaning into the front of your boots, you arc long, wide turns through the billowing white, and down to the groomed highway below.

the critical link between you and your skis

To lose yourself in this fleeting moment, control the pull of gravity, and embrace the sensation of soaring downhill; to be one with your mountain surroundings – you must be one with your gear. Your boot is the critical link between your body and your skis. To realize your goal on this mountain – whatever that goal – you must Be One with your boots. This is Lange’s brand promise with the all-new RX. Delivering the performance, versatility, and fit that enables you to push beyond personal boundaries in any terrain or snow conditions, so you can Be One with your goal.


RX 120




Designed to deliver the power and precision demanded by the most committed all-mountain skiers, the all-new RX was developed around Lange’s new Dual Core technology. The unique mono-injection process involves the simultaneous injection of two different durometers of plastic. Harder plastic targeted to areas that transmit power and energy, softer plastic targeted to areas that enhance foot and lower leg wrapping. The result? A plastic sandwich shell construction with increased elasticity, power, and liveliness for incredible flex control that makes the all-new RX feel like a natural extension of your foot.

Be One with your boot to Be One with your goal. Lange.