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How to Increase Foot Retention

The buckles are meant to fasten the ski boot and comfortably enhance the fit and wrapping of the shell while blocking any internal foot movement. How tightly you fasten your buckles can influence foot retention, comfort, and circulation.


Step 1.

Put on your ski boots and fasten the buckles and Velcro straps. Make sure you do not over-tighten the buckles - again they should enhance the fit, not shut down blood circulation. 


Step 2.

Approach your first downhill of the day at medium speed.


Step 3.

If you feel foot retention is loose, slightly tighten the buckles associated to the areas where you feel you need increased retention.

In order to provide the most precise boot fit, Lange buckles also offer micro-adjustment options. To micro-adjust the length of the buckle, just unbuckle and manually turn the buckle in either direction to increase or decrease the length.

 Explanation illustration about how to increase the footretention