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In its purest sense, skiing is all about the down. Exhilaration in defiance of nature. The fight against gravity’s pull. Every skier can identify that epic day that’s forever etched in their mind. A day filled with adventure, powder, and unbelievable terrain.


The joy of the descent as we give in to gravity’s pull while simultaneously trying to slow it, control it, and play the terrain. Skiing is simply and beautifully encapsulated in this dance with gravity. In the thrill of the down. Great strides and effort are made to defy it, to hike against the pull of gravity, beyond the boundaries and access new terrain, new experiences, new and untouched snow. Every adventure with the goal of seeking that next epic descent, those fleeting moments that will forever be etched in our minds.



The all-new Lange XT3 was designed around the law of gravity that “what goes up, must come down”. Purpose-built for the modern freeride skier, XT3 is effortless on the ascent, so you can enjoy the thrill of the down. It’s freeride the way it was meant to be. Engineered to go UP, built to ski DOWN.



Get up to get down

We, at Lange, are super proud to present the all new range of XT freeride boots! Exhaustive feedback from our athletes and ambassadors went into the engineering and development of this new XT3. Yielding enhanced technologies for getting you up, but giving you the Lange benchmark performance for the real reason you ski, the Down.