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Rossignol Group is committed to respecting your privacy and data protection in Canada. This Privacy Policy ("Policy") is designed to help you understand the information you need about our products, products, promotions, and services.  

"Rossignol Group" refers to Skis Rossignol SAS and all its affiliates and subsidiaries (also referred to as "we", "us", and "our"). Rossignol Group brands are listed here:  http://www.grouperossignol.com . Rossignol Group companies, which will be considered, individually or jointly, as data controllers in respect of such data.

This includes any Personal information that is collected when you access your websites or other online or mobile services or applications ("Services"), sign up for electronic mail ("E-mail") from us, shop in our stores, sign up for activities and events, or otherwise interact with us. In addition to this Policy, for certain special offers, areas of our website, or certain services and activities, we may supply different or additional information. (See OTHER APPLICABLE TERMS, below).  

By using our site, signing up for e-mail, using our other products or services, entering contests or promotions, participating in surveys, or or other terms, agreements, or policies (see OTHER APPLICABLE TERMS, below). More specifically, by submitting personal information to Rossignol Group or its service providers and agents, you agree that they may collect, use and disclose such personal information in accordance with this policy.


This policy applies to "personally identifiable information," ("Personal Information") that we collect when you sign up to receive e-mail, shop in our stores, visit any of our websites (collectively, the "site"), or use or access our other products or services. It also applies to Personal Information we collect when you interact with us, such as when you make a payment, place an order, sign up for an activity, or contact customer service. This Policy also applies to Personal Information that we receive from our partners and third party sources.


Canadian privacy legislation defines "Personal Information" broadly as an identifiable information. For the purposes of this Policy, the term Personal information means an identifiable individual. Generally speaking, your business name, business address, phone number, e-mail address. The types of Personal Information that the Rossignol Group may collect about you including your name, home address, telephone number, personal e-mail address, billing and account information, general information about a customer and other information incidental to providing services or Rossignol Group products. Because of the broad range of services and product offerings. For instance, we can collect your child's birthday. Our definition of Personal Information does not include "aggregate" Personal Information. Aggregate information is information that we collect from a personal information or information system. we can collect age and date of birth and the number of children in your family. Our definition of Personal Information does not include "aggregate" Personal Information. Aggregate information is information that we collect from a personal information or information system. we can collect age and date of birth and the number of children in your family. Our definition of Personal Information does not include "aggregate" Personal Information. Aggregate information is information that we collect from a personal information or information system.


We are the sole owners of the information collected on this site, except as otherwise provided in this Policy. We collect Personal Information about your business or service. Various ways in which we can obtain.

Personal Information You Provide

We collect Personal Information that varies with your purchases, interests, and activities, and what you do to provide us. We collect Personal Information when you sign up for, buy, or use your products or services, when you sign up to receive E-mail, or when you E-mail, call or otherwise communicate with us. You may submit Personal Information with a job application or a job application. We also collect Personal Information when you call or e-mail our customer service representatives, or when you contact us. In some cases, the Personal Information We ask you to provide a mandatory service for a particular activity or service. If you do not provide this Personal Information, your participation may be limited or prohibited. If you provide Rossignol Group or other services, such services may be required to provide you with the information you require. for the purposes set forth in this Policy.

Personal Information Collected Automatically

Whenever you use our services we receive certain types of Personal Information automatically. For example, when your web browser accesses our site, we obtain certain types of Personal Information, such as your IP address, country of origin, the type of browser, and the page you visited before visiting our site. 

Personal Information from Third Parties

We can receive Personal Information about you from third parties. For example, we may receive creditworthiness or other financial information when you fill out a job application. We may also provide you with more information about our products, services, and offers that we think will interest you. This Policy applies to Personal Information that we obtain from Personal Information as otherwise covered by this Policy.


Rossignol Group uses Personal Information, and / or any additional service specific information, for the purposes described in this Policy. Please note that one of the following statements may be used in the context of the use of personal information, but only for general descriptions and for illustration.

Provision of Products and Services

We may use your personal information to fulfill your requests, or you may need to make a difference between us and Rossignol Group to identify you and prevent misuse.

Development of Products and Services

We can use your personal information to develop our products and / or services. However, for the most part we only use aggregate and statistical information in the development of our products and services. We may also use your personal information to provide you with information and services for you. We can combine Personal Information with your personal information Rossignol Group product and / or personal information We may hold about you. We can create a statistical information based on your Personal Information.

Communications and Marketing

We can use your personal information to provide you with information about your business. We may use your personal information for marketing or research purposes, for example, to conduct market research and we may, in accordance with applicable law, please contact us. Also, some of our products and services may be used to promote products and services. However, Rossignol Group does not disclose your personal information to such companies or any other company for marketing purposes without your consent.


We do not sell, lease, rent or rent disclaimer.


If you provide us with Personal information, we may disclose that information to third parties with your consent, including a person who, in the opinion of the Rossignol Group, is providing or seeking the information where you consent to such disclosure or where disclosure is required or permitted by law. We may obtain consent from you in several ways, such as in a form or agreement; online, through "click-through" agreements or registration pages; verbally, through interactive voice response; or when your consent is available, or you request your participation in surveys.

Implicit Consent

Your consent is sometimes implicit. For example, if you are purchasing a product from the United States or Canada, please contact us at the following address: to your credit card processor to authorize the transaction, and to the bank to collect payment.

Product or Service Fulfillment

We may disclose Personal Information to third parties who complete transactions or perform services on your behalf, such as marketing, data processing, document management, and office services, . For example, we may contract with third parties to a site, collect and provide products reviews, or send us e-mails. Through contracts with these third parties, we restrict the manner in which we use and disclose your personal information.

Corporate Business Transactions

Personal information may be disclosed as part of a corporate business transaction, such as a merger or acquisition, joint venture, corporate reorganization, financing or sale of company assets. It may also be disclosed in the event of insolvency, bankruptcy or receivership in which personal information could be transferred to third parties in the transaction.

Legal Process; Protection of Groupe Rossignol and Others

We may disclose Personal Information to comply with the law (eg, a lawful subpoena); to enforce or apply any contracts or agreements; to initiate, render, bill, and collect for products or services; to protect our rights or property; in connection with claims, disputes, or litigation; to evaluate your creditworthiness or to collect debts outstanding on an account; to protect ourselves, our members, and other customers of the harmful acts of others (eg, theft, fraud, or abuse); or if we determine disclosure of Personal Information is necessary in an emergency.


You can provide information for children. We do not, however, want to collect Personal Information from children. Do not provide any Personal Information (directly or on the website bulletin boards, etc.) unless you are at least fourteen (14) years of age. We encourage parents to guarantee their personal information. If a child has provided personal information, it has provided the following information: Policy.


Your personal information is stored in secured locations by Rossignol Group, located at our offices or at the offices of our service providers. Rossignol Group takes reasonable technical and organizational information security measures to help prevent and mitigate the risks associated with providing Personal Information.

Such measures include, where appropriate, the use of firewalls, secure server facilities, encryption, appropriate proper access rights management systems and processes, and appropriate measures for the protection of personal data. disclosure. Where appropriate, we may also take back copies and use other such means to prevent accidental damage or destruction to your Personal Information. If a particular part of a Rossignol Group website supports on-line transactions, we, or our affiliates will use security measures, such as the one available through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), to protect the confidentiality and security of online transactions.

But security breaches and mistakes can and do not guarantee the security of Personal Information. Except for financial transmissions, you should assume the site is not encrypted. E-mail communications and online chat are not encrypted, so do not include sensitive Personal Information. "Phishing," imposters, and fake websites are a fact of modern life.


When you are accessing this website, we have the most accurate data. We do not share your location information with any third parties. You may not be able to use the services of the application at any time.


At any time, if you believe Personal Information on the subject, please contact us in this Policy. An important part of ensuring the security of personal information is your own effort to protect against unauthorized access or use.


We may not be able to update the information in this document (eg, transaction records). Accordingly, we will determine what may be accessed and how; we may also keep a record of changes (including deletions) and disclose them for lawful purposes. We keep the information we need and we reserve the right to retain it. We may have your own records. It is not possible or advisable to discard Personal Information (such as commingled Personal Information), so we reserve the right to retain it as inactive or discarded. You can make a request forhttp://www.grouperossignol.com and click on appropriate links for the country and contact information.


Electronic Mail ("E-mail")

If you provide Personal Information, we may contact you via e-mail to tell you about new products, new products, or new products. You may opt out of using the method provided in the Email (such as clicking on a link), or contacting us via the E-mail address, mail, or phone number provided in this Policy. .


We use "cookies" or other tracking mechanisms to help support the integrity of our website, and we can keep you informed. try to personalize marketing. A "cookie" is a small data file that allows us to store your personal information. We also use cookies or similar information for such business as such, to the extent that we can adjust the site, and to advertise and promote our products and services. The cookies or other tracking mechanisms collect at least the following: your domain name and host for Internet access; the Internet address of the site from which you cam; the date and time of your access; and your computer's IP address and information about its operating system and browser. These technologies help us to fight fraud or misuse: (1) the profile facts tell us about yourself, (2) your specific areas of interest on our sites, shopping basket, and (4). You can disable some cookies, but the site will not necessarily function as designed if you do (eg, cookies must be enabled to register or make purchases). (1) the profile facts you tell us about yourself, (2) your specific areas of interest on our sites, (3) the items you've placed in your shopping basket, and (4) the pages you visit. You can disable some cookies, but the site will not necessarily function as designed if you do (eg, cookies must be enabled to register or make purchases). (1) the profile facts you tell us about yourself, (2) your specific areas of interest on our sites, (3) the items you've placed in your shopping basket, and (4) the pages you visit. You can disable some cookies, but the site will not necessarily function as designed if you do (eg, cookies must be enabled to register or make purchases).

We also allow collection of analytics service provider (s) of site and click on us. a subsequent visit we might present with an article about maintaining ski equipment).

Some advertisers might be using their cookies on their website or in their messages to you. If you click on an advertisement, a cookie might be placed on your computer. To find out more about these types of companies, visit their sites to see their privacy policies. We can not control these companies, and their practices and policies may change over time.

If you do not want to receive cookies, or if you want to be aware of them, you can set your browser to do so, if your browser so permits. Please understand that if cookies are turned off, you may not be able to view certain parts of this site that may enhance your visit, or may not be able to complete some actions on our website. Some of our business partners may also use cookies or web beacons. However, we have no access to these cookies.


This website contains links to other sites. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of such other sites. We encourage you to be aware of your personal information.


We can use our website requests information through surveys or contests. Your participation in these surveys or contests is completely voluntary. Information requested may include your contact information and demographic information. Contact information will be used to notify winners and awards prizes. Survey information will be used for the purpose of monitoring or improving the use of this site.


You may be required to complete a registration form or a contest, or for other purposes. You may be required to provide certain information (such as name, address, E-mailaddress) which is used in the context of your business or service. contest. You may also be asked to provide demographic information (such as gender or age), but this is not required.


If you choose to make a purchase on our website, we may ask for more information (for example, name and shipping address) and financial information (such as credit card number and expiration date). This information is used for your billing purposes. If we have difficulty processing an order, we may use this information to contact you.


This Policy does not affect your agreement with Rossignol Group. Additionally, your use of certain Rossignol Group products, services (eg, equipment rentals), or your participation in certain special events, activities, or programs (collectively "Additional Services and Programs") may be Additional Services and Programs, or your participation in such Additional Services and Programs. This section deals with supplementary services and programs, the terms, the agreements, and the policies of the Additional Services and Programs Governing the extent of the inconsistency.


You can see what we are, if any, by contacting us via the E-mail address or phone number provided in this Policy. If you wish to replenish, correct, correct, anonymize, or incomplete any incomplete, incorrect or outdated Personal Information (and it is Personal Information that may be changed, see Your personal information for the purpose of sending or obtaining information to the marketplace or to the marketplace or to the marketplace. address, address, or phone number provided in this Policy. In some cases, especially if you wish to delete or cease the processing of your Personal Information,

Please note that we may need to know more about your request. Please note that applicable law may contain restrictions and other provisions that relate to your above rights.

This policy is effective as of [Sept 7th, 2017] and will remain in effect as soon as possible in the future, which will be effective immediately upon posting. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time, and you should check this page periodically. This paper will be modified to confirm your acceptance and acceptance of these changes.


We respect your privacy and are committed to adhering to the policies outlined in this Policy. If you have any questions, comments or questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us via Email, phone, or mail (see http://www.grouperossignol.com and click on appropriate links for redirection to appropriate country and contact information).

You may also like your privacy-related comments or questions to the following address:


c / o LEGAL

98 Louis Barran Street

38430 Saint-Jean-de-Moirans

la France



Rossignol Group has partnered with Bazaarvoice to facilitate customer reviews of products by some of our brands. When you submit a product review to Bazaarvoice, you will be subject to their terms of use and privacy policies. Accordingly, you should review the following: http://www.bazaarvoice.com/privacy-policy/

Rossignol Group has partnered with Quivers to facilitate e-commerce sales in North America. When purchasing products through the Quivers platform, you will be subject to their terms of use, privacy policies, and security procedures and standards. You should review them before placing your order:



Rossignol Group's website may contain links to other websites which are provided as a convenience only. Rossignol Group, and Rossignol Group has no responsibility for such third-party websites.



This Policy replaces all previous disclosures we may have provided you about our Personal Information practices. We will update this Policy if our practices change or if laws or regulations require that we change it. Groupe Rossignol will obtain the necessary consents required under applicable privacy laws if it seeks to collect, use or disclose your Personal Information for purposes other than those to which consent has been obtained unless otherwise required or permitted by law. Should Groupe Rossignol decide to disclose Personal Information in a way that is materially different from that which was stated in this Policy at the time Personal Information was collected, we will notify you by posting notice of the change on our site and on this page for a reasonable period before we implement that change and, if feasible, will give you an opportunity to opt out of the proposed use of Personal Information.