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“Give me a long enough lever… and I shall move the world.” At Lange, innovation is in our DNA, and we’ve never stopped trying to move the world of skiing. We did it in 1962 when we introduced the first ever plastic ski boot, and we’re doing it again now, with a boot born from the darkest corners of our deepest workshops. Years in the making, the Shadow uses breakthrough dual-pivot technology for greater leverage, creating a chassis that requires half the energy to drive. Power when you want it, stability when you need it, finesse at its finest. Ski better—the Shadow shines a light.


Powerful, responsive, and easy. No boot has ever offered the confidence and stability of the Shadow, and we don’t say that kind of thing lightly at Lange. It’s all about leverage. The Shadow’s breakthrough dual-pivot technology harnesses extended leverage for unparalleled liveliness and drive. Pair that with a bold, new liner that uses space-aged Auxetic foam for a flawless connection, and performance has never felt so comfortable. Join the revolution—come out of the shadows.


The first assisted performance skiboot


A fusion of performance and comfort. How has the SHADOW achieved this feat? How does it keep this promise? First and foremost, thanks to a dual technology inspired by our expertise at the most elite level of international skiing, up there, close to the stars, as close as possible to the champions. The combination of the ‘suspension blade’ – which gives the Shadow boot its distinct and profiled design – and the ‘dual pivot’– which extends the axes of the cuff for optimum enhanced leverage – highlights our ability to create boots that thrust skiers into the limelight. The aim of these two innovations which converge to create the ‘Assisted Performance System’ is to provide natural and intuitive assistance to all those who ski the SHADOW.

Inspired by carbon plate running shoes or mountain bike suspensions, this system promotes performance and intensifies the sensation of ease. It supports precise, agile and committed skiing by naturally accompanying skiers in their movements, guiding their wishes. But it does not take their place. Leaving them free to savour the sheer pleasure of skiing. Its most radiant aspect. Without its constraints.


Consumer benefits:

  • Enhanced leverage = more power with less effort
  • Suspension absorption and vibration damping
  • Increased rebound
  • Consistent flex

Mechanical advantage

TRADITIONAL SKIBOOTS = Concentrated fixed points

  • Wider gradual power zone
  • More arc in flex pattern movement
  • Relies more on plastic & distortion

NEW SHADOW SKIBOOTS = Mechanical Advantage leverage

  • Shorter amplified power zone
  • More linear movement
  • Less distortion flex



A revolutionary liner for better personal fit

While the SHADOW places the spotlight on our expertise in pure performance, Its completely revolutionary liner works in the shadows as well, hidden from the inquisitive eye, yet rest assured built for comfort. Sewn in a single piece to avoid friction from seams, the result is a liner that is accurate but soft, while delivering a dynamic roar. Infinite additional details are incorporated to make sure the SHADOW becomes the ski boot in which you feel good, agile and stealthy!

An iconic name, the incarnation of work in the shadows




The SHADOW bears an iconic name. A name not chosen at random. Developed in the secrecy of our R&D workshops, the SHADOW embodies the experimental work carried out in the deep shadows. This painstaking endeavor, far from the glare of the spotlights, encapsulates the values of forward thinking, meticulousness, perseverance and passion on which our reputation has been forged.

The SHADOW has a single mission: to transfer motion, in the form of power, rebound, and precision, all the lively energy dispensed each turn by skiers who prefer shadow to light.

All those who – elusive and cat-like – make the transition, in a committed yet stealthy turn, from light to darkness. All those who put their whole heart into it. With no nuances or contrasts. All those whose passion is a faithful shadow.