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From the start gate to the finish, from the athlete to his boots, racing is the transmission of power and energy. From generation to generation, World Champions to the youngest athletes, the transmission of an indescribable passion. The benchmark in racing performance and precision, and an icon between the gates, “the blue boot”, the iconic RS sends a signal to every racer on the mountain. A guarantee to every onlooker that the podium is the goal, and the goal is within reach.    

At 11 years old, Rémi is fueled by his passion for racing. A junior competitor inspired by the champions of today. Champions like Clément Noel, a technician of power and precision, he’s one of the newest stars in international Slalom competition today. 






The sun rises on Val-D'isère. Slowly but surely. Two mismatched silhouettes stand in the start. The first rays of light glimmering across an icy slope that falls out beneath the tips of their skis. Intently they concentrate on the slope ahead, perched to attack the course, waiting for that familiar sound, the signal to push off, the starting beep.  





On the left, 11-year-old Rémi, licensed to the club Combloux, Haute-Savoie. The third generation in a family of high mountain guides. Rémi prefers skiing to school, learned to slide on snow before learning to walk. But he’s nervous. Butterflies in the pit of his stomach as he waits to push off. Rémi knows once the race begins, he will settle in and ski with confidence. With thanks, in part, to the iconic blue boots at his feet. Built with the same technology as the World Cup versions, the new RS Junior 70 is perfectly suited for his foot. He’s been wearing Lange since his very first turn, and knows they will react to his every movement, locking him into the trajectory he’s envisioned through the course.   






On the right, 22-year-old Clément Noel. Winner of 3 World Cup Slaloms last year, Clément is the next star of the discipline, positioned amongst the next generation of champions in the sport. He’s Rémi’s hero. The one who inspires him with superhuman strength and almost magical powers. “He has the power to ski relaxed, while remaining enormously engaged and reacting with such precision and fluidity. I find it really beautiful,” says the unusually well-spoken 11-year-old, his eyes full of admiration. He is a hero without a cape but wearing the same electric blue as Rémi as he electrifies the crowds. The new RS World Cup.


The seconds seem suspended. Rémi seizes the moment to hone in on the advice of his idol, “You know Rémi, I was once your age too. I remember my first national competition at Les Ménuires. Until then I had only competed locally. I did not know what to expect of the skiers outside of our region. But I finished 5th in each of the two rounds and seized second overall. I was so proud to stand on the podium and be handed my trophy by my idol, Jean-Baptiste Grange. From that day on, I believed even more fiercely in my dream.”

“But Rémi, remember that the dream is not the most important thing. The most important thing to is to always ski with a smile. Being a competitor, going deep, working hard, listening to your coaches, these things are important. But always with a smile. Always for the passion, always for fun.”


As the air grows thick with anticipation, Clément's words echo again, “Be one with your boots, be one with your goal, be one with your dreams. To find the best version of yourself in racing requires harmony between the physical, the mental, and the technical. To eliminate any interference between not only what you ask of yourself, but also what ask of your skis.” 



Rémi feels it. Deep within himself. In the last gasps of silence before the starting beep, before pushing off and bursting out of the gate against his hero, Rémi is ready. He is one with his boots, one with his goal, and his dream, just a few fleeting seconds in front of him: 5, 4, 3, 2, …


NEW RS 130


Purpose built to reach the top step of the podium, the RS WORLD CUP is the ultimate blend of power, precision, and response and the international benchmark in racing performance. Designed for elite-level athletes, the World Cup RS race boot is designed to fit as close to the foot as possible, increasing reactivity and precision for the most efficient power transmission in skiing. Lange's revolutionary Dual Core construction supplies incredible energy and flex control, becoming a natural extension of your body for total control through the turn.




Designed for the next generation of World Cup champions, the new RS 70 SC is the result of our deep understanding foot mechanics, fit, and ski boot behavior dedicated to athletes 14 and under. Our race-developed Dual Core technology supplies incredible rebound and flex control for smaller athletes because no one is born a champion. The new Lange RS is the tool to become one.