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XT3 TOUR 2.0 New ski touring boot

Discover the XT3 TOUR 2.0

After its arrival in the free-touring segment in 2021 with the XT3 TOUR boot, this year, Lange is launching the XT3 TOUR 2.0, a lighter boot (-120 g) but still with Lange's distinctive hallmarks: performance, rebound and downhill power.

  • Performance
  • Rebound
  • Downhill power

A boot with a mission

To get away from it all on a quest for adventure! That’s what the new XT3 TOUR 2.0 ski boot is all about: getting you to that little piece of heaven, hidden from view because it’s tucked away just a little bit higher up beyond that ledge. Put on your XT3 TOUR 2.0 boots and climb up on touring skis to this El Dorado covered in fresh snow, which is anything but easy and available only to the most deserving! Reconnect with nature by reaching this restricted face, this pristine slope, this fresh snow, where calm reigns due to its inaccessible nature. Except for the most determined. Except for the best equipped. Then tear down this mountain side.

Leave the first tracks. Feel privileged, and more alive than ever!

 2 Skiers using the new XT3 TOUR 2.0 skiboots - Lange



120 grams lighter than the previous XT3 TOUR, the new Lange boot is setting the standard for free-touring skis! 


Developed in our workshops in Montebelluna, Italy, this boot has been tested in our laboratories to bring you an unrivalled level of comfort, support and precision.


This boot’s performance has been proven by experts: the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix, Guides de la Grave... this boot offers the ultimate combination for safe skiing and comfort for exhaustion-free ascents to conserve strength, support, power and performance for the run back down! 



Lange's performance credentials are well established! Discover Lange's special hallmarks: this boot is a fusion of rebound, skiability, transmission and progressiveness.