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Image of the Shadow ski boot with a movement effect and a red shadow



“Give me a long enough lever… and I shall move the world.” At Lange, innovation is in our DNA, and we’ve never stopped trying to move the world of skiing. We did it in 1962 when we introduced the first ever plastic ski boot, and we’re doing it again now, with a boot born from the darkest corners of our deepest workshops. Years in the making, the Shadow uses breakthrough dual-pivot technology for greater leverage, creating a chassis that requires half the energy to drive. Power when you want it, stability when you need it, finesse at its finest. Ski better—the Shadow shines a light.


Powerful, responsive, and easy. No boot has ever offered the confidence and stability of the Shadow, and we don’t say that kind of thing lightly at Lange. It’s all about leverage. The Shadow’s breakthrough dual-pivot technology harnesses extended leverage for unparalleled liveliness and drive. Pair that with a bold, new liner that uses space-aged Auxetic foam for a flawless connection, and performance has never felt so comfortable. Join the revolution—come out of the shadows.

XT3 Free

The ultimate freeride ski boot



Pure and authentic freeride


Skiing, by nature, is a story of descent. At Lange, this is how we’ve always thought of freeriding. Pure and authentic, it’s an invitation to defy the laws of gravity and leave an indelible mark in every skier’s memory—to savor an unforgettable day spent sliding on snow. One that can be summed up in just three words: adventure, powder, and adrenaline.
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