XR9 HERITAGE Limited Edition | LANGE | Ski boot | Lange -

HERITAGE XR9 wild, free and fast


Tommy MOE, the Olympic champion turned rock star

Wild, Free, and Fast, the XR9 Heritage was inspired by the rock ‘n’ roll spirit of the 60’s and Olympic downhill champion Tommy Moe’s infectious attitude. Featuring our revolutionary Dual Core technology, the new XR9 Heritage is the latest to highlight Lange’s long history as a pioneer of the sport. Delivering unique snow feel and unparalleled precision, the new XR9 offers same legendary performance that has set the brand apart in the minds of the most demanding skiers in the world for over 70 years. Supporting them in their most competitive and committed pursuits, and answering their wildest dreams.


The XR9 designed to steal the limelight

A tribute to the legacy of innovation that’s taken the world’s most committed skiers world beyond their limits. A boot that’s won over generations of skiers who value the highest level of performance and a brand that’s driven the history of modern skiing for over 60 years.

Features never go out of style, and innovative ideas that come at the right time end up becoming "iconic”. That's what the XR9 represents, a product that has survived the test of time and innovation, becoming a legendary benchmark in the mind of skiers around the world. A celebration of an iconic product that over the years has left its mark in the minds of champions and generations of skiers.

Inside the new XR9 Heritage



The technology that revolutionized the modern boot market has been injected into the iconic XR9 Heritage. The different colors on the boot correspond to the sandwich shell construction of soft and rigid plastics. This innovative injection process gives the boot the explosive power and rebound that’s become synonymous w Lange.


Race buckles were designed to lie as close to the shell as possible, with a jointed design that makes them very easy to manipulate.


Gradual mechanical locking of the power strap offers greater power and precision.