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The new LX range

A comfortable and efficient shoe

Our model of all-mountain LX ski boots represents the most welcoming and comfortable boot in our range. But at Lange, we don't compromise between performance and comfort, they go hand in hand. The search for support and precision runs through our veins. You will find in this on-piste and all-mountain shoe the perfect combo between our know-how and our search for efficiency, power during skiability, while respecting the notion of fit and comfort.


You don't change a winning concept! The LX line of footwear features our unique Dual Core manufacturing method. An exclusive process that offers rebound and explosiveness on the descent. On the LX model, we have favored more flexible and lighter materials which offer an ease of entering the foot in the shoe, but also more accessibility for skiability.


The last of the shoe (width of the shoe at the front of the foot) is 102 mm, which corresponds to the widest volume of our shoe range. This model of shoe is intended for wider feet or people looking for more mobility in their shoe.


The materials chosen for the manufacture of the liner are both:

  • Welcoming: to improve the feeling of comfort of the foot when entering the shoe
  • Thermoformable: to promote customization of the liner as closely as possible to the morphology of your foot
  • Warm: we favor warmer materials to improve the feeling of warmth and face the winter days
How to choose the correct

Skiboot size ?


Women technologies

  • Shin Control Tongue

The anatomical Shin Control tongue specific for women guarantees a better distribution of the energy distributed during flexion. Thus, it improves the performance of the skier while adapting to the morphologies of women.

  • Adapted cuff and calf for women morphology

Lange shoes adapt to the specific morphology and needs of women. The shell of the shoe is shortened at the upper and the collar is more open at the calf to better accommodate the shape of the female calf and shin.