10.12.2021 | Stories - Athletes

A day with Will by Will Goneau

 Will Goneau walking in deep pow



When I think of January, it’s days like these that come to mind. Socked in, deep pow, and pillows. This one was definitely one for the books.

We woke up not expecting that it had snowed much. Knowing there was a good snow base we decided to venture to one of my favorite pillow zones. The tour up was chill, we took our time and enjoyed the setting.

 XT3 Tour Lange skiboots

This was my first day using the all-new XT3 freetouring boots. I really noticed from the first few steps how light the boots felt. The new ultra-lightweight Grilamid construction and the Eva liners are a game changer.

 On the way down



After a few laps on the pillow field we tucked ourselves in the trees. My eyes set on a fun looking line that seemed to start will a little double pillow stack, followed by a cliff with a perfect tranny. I set the track and got it. The boots felt powerful which was expected out of the dual core construction.

All of a sudden, the sky broke up and the sun glanced on this cliff face located a little bit higher than our previous zone. I threw my skins on and rushed up there. I am not sure if I felt more rushed by the clouds moving in or the photographer Aga. haha. After hustling up there I transitioned as quick as I could. I didn’t get to have a close look at the actual size of the cliff but was not too concerned because my buddy Drew reminded me: “The snow is deep Will, whatever” as he was sitting comfortably in the snow. But jokes aside, I knew the landing was going to be good based on my previous runs.

 Will jumping in deep pow
 Will portrait

The clouds came back in and we decided to call it a day. We retreived to the trees and I enjoyed some fried chicken that I had made the night prior in the conforts on my new boots.