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Lost in Georgia by Seb VARLET

Why Georgia ?


Maybe the feeling of getting lost, to discover new mountains.


For a couple of years we heard more and more about the Caucasus mountains having incredible mountain faces. The first ski resort came 20 years ago around in two small villages, Gudauri and Bakuriani.


There is also Mestia, a small mountain village located between two 5000 meters giants. There is a lot of potential to explore, and the vibes can bring you back in time. This village got its first chairlift only 10 years ago.  Skiing tourism is still at its beginning here.  Everything is still authentic, the hospitality of the people and the food there is so nice, all of this makes the adventure even more beautiful. It was the start of our expedition, getting away from this village we found a white world. Silent and wild - humility and observation have crucial importance.

A journey to a valley where no one has skied before, virgin mountains waiting for their first tracks to be drawn.

See Lost In Georgia at the High Five Festival on Sunday 02 October!