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NEW RS Race ski boot



Lange, Be first…
and stay first!

Since 1948, Lange has been making history in the world of alpine skiing. Our very first boots, designed for speed, embody the “racing” DNA becoming iconic.



Blue for victory

The distinctive Lange blue unites those who perpetuate the brand’s original passion for downhill racing. Now legendary, this iconic colour is a symbol for the athletes and teams who, every day, endeavour to create the most advanced models.

In 2022, we will be injecting new blood into its racing collection. Increasingly driven by bold innovation, it is reworking its colour range. Enhancing its flagship colour, Lange has created a deeper, midnight blue. This latest generation of blue emanates from the colour of the boots worn by Alberto Tomba during his last victory. It expresses the concentrated technology encapsulated in the heart of the new RS range.

 The Lange True Blue Team

True Blue Team

Racing in the blood

Downhill racing is like Formula 1.
The results of these skiers, extreme riders par excellence, depend in part on the quality of their equipment. This is where the blue racing team comes in. In the workshops of Montebelluna, the leading district for sports shoe manufacturing, no fewer than 20 expert bootfitters hone every detail of every model for every racer.

Engineers, operators, technicians, bootfitters and the race team in the field all work together to create a boot that conforms perfectly to the foot of each athlete, thus enhancing their performance.



“The foot is the only link between the boot and the ski. The shell of the boot have to accurately fitting to each athlete so the athlete has the control of a precise, high-performance racing model,”
Gabriele Fare bootfitter Lange for 26 years.

Like the steering wheel of a racing car, ski boots must enable the skis to glide with the purest of movements. To bring this technological miracle to life, each foot morphology undergoes a thorough examination, including 3D scans and other high-precision analyses.

The launch of a new colour is also the subject of research and development work. The aim is to ensure that, depending on the colour of the product, the temperature and quality of the snow will not affect its capabilities.

Juri Hofer, Director of the racing department and Gérard Deffeyes skiman racing department

RS by Lange

More than a ski boot, a legend

The RS range is the essential accessory for victory. Equipped with DUAL CORE technology, each racing model also features a polyurethane R.B.T. tongue with a honeycomb structure that boosts the boot’s naturally progressive flex.

For 2022, the brand is injecting new blood into its racing range with the launch of the latest RS boots in an unprecedented blue colour and featuring cutting-edge technological innovation. Thanks to the rigidity offered by the Dual Core technology, they retain an aggressive behaviour and unique downhill skiability. All this, combined with a revolutionary design.


What is DUAL CORE?

This in-house construction is based on the sandwich principle. Made from different materials combining flexibility and rigidity, the inside of the boot compresses and then actively expands. The energy harnessed delivers explosive power, snap and rebound.