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"Are comfort and performance compatible?"

A timeless topic amongst skiers and boot-fitters around the world. Each with differing philosophies and beliefs, arguments and approaches to how a ski boot should fit and function. Enter LANGE with the definitive answer and solution for those seeking a luxurious fit and legendary performance – the all-new LX range.


Throughout the history of ski boots, comfort and performance have always been perceived as being in opposition to one another. Two essential ski boot characteristics that seemingly cannot be reconciled. Precision at the price of pain. Comfort at the cost of control.    










At Lange we stand firm in our opposition to this and have developed the all-new LX range to combat the perception that comfort and performance are mutually exclusive. Thor Verdonk, Lange Brand Director adds, “Our know-how lies in the art of finding the right balance of comfort and performance for every skier type and foot shape. With LX we’ve proven we can deliver the highest levels of performance without sacrificing that level of out-of-box comfort that you can ski in all day long.”    


So how do you define “performance”? At Lange, we define it as everyone’s ability to reach their goal. Whether it’s a World Cup race or a superb day on the slope with friends, performance is the key that allows every skier to have fun and experience those moments in the mountains that last a lifetime. A goal so simple, so obvious, so pure that it’s often taken for granted. A goal that’s impossible to reach when you’re sitting in the lodge with your boots off to the side, rubbing sore and cramped feet. To Be One with your goal, you must Be One with your boots.        



The all-new LX is the answer. Developed to allow every skier to reach their goal, the LX delivers a level of comfort where you can forget its presence and make the most of the present. From the first run of the day all the way to après, the LX offers the perfect blend of performance and comfort. A boot so powerful and precise it becomes an extension of your body. A boot so luxurious in fit, you can slide in with ease and your feet feel instantly at home, right out of the box.           


Built not only for the most committed, but for every passionate skier, LX opens the boundaries of the Lange community to anyone who values gliding on snow and sharing unforgettable moments in the mountains. For those that understand these moments are too rare to be spoiled by constant suffering. The answer to a difficult balancing act. “In reality, the ski boot acts as a type of vise. It must not only hold but compress the foot in order to deliver precision on the slope. And it must do this without creating pressure points or pain. Finding this balance is a fine one. It’s the result of the merger of art and science that Lange has perfected over years of boot-building. LX reflects this expertise. The perfect balance: Luxurious fit. Lightweight. Legendary Performance.”