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New XT3 TOUR HYBRID free-touring boot

Versatile, comfortable, hybrid, all-terrain, discover the new Lange XT3 TOUR HYBRID ski boot. Featuring a Vibram Gripwalk sole and alpine/touring compatibility, it will be an ideal boot for skiers seeking both efficiency for downhill skiing in resorts and a light weight to experiment with ski touring on all types of terrain.


The XT3 TOUR HYBRID boot allows very easy switching between walking and skiing mode. The Power Activ V-lock system at the back of the boot ensures complete safety for skiing or walking. 


This boot's Vibram Gripwalk sole provides greater stability and grip on ascents or when walking in your boots 


The XT3 TOUR range is lighter than our XT3 FREE range. It saves weight and provides greater comfort on ascents. It promises accessible ski-touring with comfort on uphill sections combined with performance on descents.


The XT3 TOUR HYBRID has the same features as an alpine ski boot: rebound, explosiveness, downhill performance. It is an excellent boot to explore resorts and fully enjoy all the types of terrain the snow has to offer. 

Our ranges

 The Lange XT3 Tour Hybrid women's ski boot


The XT3 TOUR HYBRID is tailored to the female physique. The cuff is shorter and slightly wider to reflect the feminine shape. This provides greater comfort to allow you to ski for as long as you like. The boot’s flex of 95 makes it suitable for both beginners and intermediate skiers. Its liner is also tailored to the female shape and uses comfortable materials to provide comfort, warmth, support and optional thermoforming. 


 The Lange XT3 Tour Hybrid men's ski boot


The men's range consists of 3 models with different flex: 100, 110 and 130. Allowing skiers to choose the most appropriate model according to their proficiency and body shape. Versatility, lightness, performance... if you're looking for a hybrid boot for all your ski touring and piste sessions, this is the perfect boot for you!